My Philosophy

Our mental health and physical health are undeniably intertwined, and it is impossible to focus on one without acknowledging and understanding the other. My specialty is working with individuals on appreciating the relationship between their mind, their body, and their environment, identifying what may be contributing to their struggles, and locating potential areas to intervene.

My philosophy is that psychology should not just focus on alleviating the negative in your life, but should also focus on fostering the positive.

People are resilient and powerful, but life can complicated and challenging. My ultimate goal is to understand the barriers and challenges you are facing, and work together to help overcome them, in order to live a life that is fulfilling and gratifying.

Every person is different and every problem is different, which means treatment needs to be unique and personalized to you. The first step is learning what matters to you and what your goals are. Together we will highlight personal strengths, while understanding and addressing areas of improvement. All interventions will stem from evidence-based approaches, but will be intentionally selected and carefully implemented.

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